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Leveraging your resources . . .

    Some Background

Since 1988 we have provided strategic information and human resources consulting to organizations in transition.  We present our client/partners with effective ways to improve business plan performance by leveraging and expanding the reach of your in-house resources.

Responding to market and specific client needs, we provide marketplace competitor intelligence to clarify resources deployment strategies; recruiting services, on retainer, for "mission critical" assignments; contracted human resources management, valuable during business expansion ramp-ups; database research development for maintaining on-going candidate pipelines.

Building on skills developed within public and private companies, domestic and multi-national corporations, we support our growing client base with expertise in a variety of industries.  Specialty markets include information technology, medical and healthcare, consumer and commercial products, high-tech, and service industries.  We execute assignments in new arenas effectively, and in short time-frames.

As an extension of your organizational resources, we convey a sense of knowledge and understanding, competence and enthusiasm, and urgency about (y)our business.   Facilitating your business is how we succeed.

Big enough to support your organization's human resources needs; small enough to really appreciate your business!!

Let us enhance your effectiveness.

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Big enough to support your organization’s strategic human resources needs;
small enough to really appreciate your business!!

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